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Coming into the Capital? Need to get a big group around the city? Call our operators to get a quote for your coach or minibus hire. Our customer service specialists will match you with the best vehicle for your needs.

Who We Are

London Coach Hire wants to help you squeeze everything out of your travel. We specialise in getting people into, out of and around the capital with ease.

Whether you've got footie tickets, a wedding planned or a school trip booked, we believe that any travel should be an experience.

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What We Do

There's nothing more stressful than getting people from Point A to Point B.

Forget coordinating taxis and rideshare apps. Let us take care of the hard bit. Our coaches and buses will take you where you're going in comfort and style.

We offer services for a wide range of events, including:

Operating in 20+ Cities

We specialise in bringing people to and from the capital in safety and style. We operate out of cities including Brighton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield.

Why plane? Why train? Coach it.

Flying domestically always takes longer than you think, and leaves a massive carbon footprint.

Trains are unreliable. From rail strikes to bad tracks, there are any number of problems you can encounter.

With a coach or minibus, you have complete control from Point A to Point B. Pick-ups and drop-offs are on your time, with customer service that is second to none.

Why Our Drivers Delivers Are Different

Our drivers have a special touch. They don't just drive the coach - they're part-event planners, part-safety inspectors, part-event ushers. Our training goes beyond CRB registration.

Here's what makes our drivers different.

Clean, green travel machines

We believe in being responsible stewards of the environment.

Our fleet of hybrid and electric coaches and minibuses minimise your carbon footprint and help keep our great city clean.

Learn more about how we're doing our part help reduce our carbon footprint.

10 Passenger Minibus: This minibus is perfect for small groups with big plans. Plan a day trip to the next city over, get you and your friends to your game on time or make your trip out of the airport smooth and easy.

14 Passenger Minibus: Looking for a quick and easy short haul trip with a small group? Then this minibus is for you. Get your football team from one pitch to the next. Get everyone to the airport on time for that family vacation. Get your office staff to that conference. This vehicle is incredibly versatile and can serve almost any need.

26 Passenger Minibus: Our most popular vehicle. Whether you're a teacher planning a school trip for your class or ferrying wedding guests to a reception, this minibus won't let you down.

60 Passenger Coach: This amazing machine is your go-to vehicle for transporting large groups over large distances. This coach's massive luggage storage space, free WiFi, TVs and spacious legroom make any long-haul trip luxurious.

*All our vehicles are London Low Emission Zone compliant.


We believe that traveling should be more than sitting and waiting. It should be an experience. That's why our vehicles are kitted out with the latest technology and features, including:

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Safety and accessibility

The safety of our passengers is our number one priority. We take every precaution and ensure that our fleet of vehicles is always in top working order.

Check out our end-to-end process for assessing our vehicles.

Our vehicles also come ready with accessibility features to make sure everyone can get where they're going safely and securely.

See if your vehicle has the right accessibility options for you.


Want an extra bit of flare for your event? Put a stamp on your journey with our Personal Branding service. All our coaches and minibuses are unbranded, plain white coaches that can be customised to your needs.

Talk to one of our consultants to see how we can help you.