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Anyone that has experienced group travel has likely seen that poor planning can lead to a variety of problems, including unnecessary delays and expenses. Therefore, it is extremely important to make proper arrangements before departing on a trip to ensure that everything goes smoothly. One of the most important components of a successful travel plan is to arrange a dedicated means of transport upon arrival in a destination. After all, a dedicated means of transport is much more comfortable and convenient than relying on unfamiliar public transportation systems and expensive taxis.

“What a fantastic service that was provided by Minibus Hire London. They came 15 minutes before departure and waited till we were all ready to travel. We also would like to thank the driver Dave for not charging us extra for dropping us off at two locations". Cara Sousa

London Minibus Hire provides a safe and secure dedicated means of transport in extremely comfortable minibuses. We offer a fleet of vehicles in excellent condition with the best prices in London, and we are dedicated to meeting the needs of groups traveling to our wonderful city. From the time of arrival to departure, London Minibus Hire will conveniently transport your group so that they can focus on their time in London without the worries of transportation. However, you may also select a minibus where one of the members of your group will be the driver. Regardless of your decision, London Minibus Hire offers the best means of transport in the city.

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Minibus Hire & Coach Hire With Driver

“We would like to thank the team at Minibus Hire London for organising the transport of 200 passengers from London to Manchester without any problems. Your service was the best I have ever used in the minibus hire industry and will recommend Minibus Hire London to all my friends and family". David Carter

All of London Minibus Hire’s vehicles are purchased from well known manufacturers, and our maintenance workshop performs a detailed inspection on each vehicle before it is put into service. In addition, tracking devices have been installed in each of our vehicles for extra security. Therefore, our clients appreciate that they can relax while being transported (or while transporting themselves) without concerns of safety or mechanical issues. London Bus Hire has also installed various modifications to increase the comfort of our vehicles, such as reclining seats, drink coolers and more. Clients who have selected the driver option can even slide the roof open to enjoy the cool and refreshing London air!

Our company has been in the transport field for many years, and our experience has led us to provide the premier minibus hire services in London. London Minibus Hire has helped hundreds of groups meet their transport needs while providing both safety and comfort at incredible prices. In addition to getting you from point to point, we work with other service providers (catering, etc.) to ensure that you have the greatest group trip possible. Count on London Minibus Hire for the best transport group transport services in London!

Our minibus hire and coach hire rates never change during quiet and peak season we will keep our fares the same. We make sure you pay the lowest possible prices on all our vehicles regardless the journey or type of vehicle you book. We also can offer free tour guides for european travel if your journey if for 10 days or more. We also offer you free meals on all executive coach bookings that travel over the border to Europe. If you would like more information about all our services please call us or send us an email and we hope to answer all your questions within 24 hours.

Each year we offer special minibus and discount rates from London to locations across the UK. We are offering 25% off our standard rates from London to Manchester and 20% off our rates from London to Amsterdam minibus hire. To take advantage of these amazing offers please call and speak to our transport booking agents.

If you are a minibus driver looking to join us as a minibus hire driver in London please fill in your details on our contact us page and one of our minibus hire managers will give you a call to discuss the benefits for working at our organisation.