London Coach Hire

If you are looking to hire a coach or minibus you have come to the right place. London Coach Hire and London Minibus Hire has the services you are looking for, with a variable and affordable pricing system tailored to your needs. Never has coach hire been more individual. We take the time to ensure that we provide the right services for every customer.

We have over thirty years' experience, and as the name suggest, we are based in London, though our services can be employed in Southampton, Lancaster, Blackpool, Northampton and Swindon. Our goal has always been to exceed whatever expectations you as a customer may have. This could be why we have been voted as the number one for prices and services as voted for by a leading travel organisation. No other companies have a structures price quotation quite like ours, that is tailored to provide you with the right services you are looking for at the most affordable price for you. Our bespoke technology is just what is needed, and our service is both friendly and professional.

Coach services we provide include: executive business travel; including specific services for conferences and trade events; day events, holidays and excursions; tours; wedding and funeral events and related functions; airport transport; festival travel and more. We have various options including VIP coaches, luxury coaches, modern coach travel, mini-coaches and executive coaches. We can provide for small groups and a large company, and the right balance of comfort, efficiency, speed and cost, and can provide for parties ranging from 8 to 58 people. For airport and vacation services, we are happy to provide for the safe transportation of luggage during the duration of your travel.

All of our luxury coaches include onboard facilities, climate control, leather seats and restroom facilities. No matter what the service you have chosen, we ensure to take away the stress of coach hire so that you can focus on what matters most. That is why we do not provide a guaranteed 24-hour quick quotes because we know that sometimes it takes more than that to come to the right decision. We take all your considerations carefully and talk through every detail to make sure that we have provided the right coach service for your needs.

Minibus services that we provide include: shuttle transportation and services for weddings and other special events, trade shows, family outings, sports teams, exhibitions, church groups, and corporate schools. We offer only the best vehicles for the best prices. All our coaches come with temperature controls, seat belts, pick up services, overnight stay features, uniformed chauffeurs, 24-hour services and entertainment systems including television and CD players. As with our coaches, all our minibus services are checked carefully to your requirements to provide with the most suitable transportation for you. We have links to various tourist destinations including Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge, and various other attractions.

With our airport transport services, we work in the centre of London with City Airport, however we also work with neighbouring airports in less centralised locations, including Luton and Standstead, for those who prefer to avoid the central services.

For a brief overview of all the services we provide in greater detail before signing up to book, please follow the various links on our site. If you are unsure which services you believe to be most suitable, we can help you with that. Our customer advisors are only a short phone call away. Please call us to go through any details or reservations you may have and we can do our best to accommodate your requirements.

We can provide additional tailored services including guides to ensure that you make it to your correct destination, and for you to maximize the full value of your excursion. London Coach Hire does not presume to know everything about your specific requirements beforehand and will make sure that everyone is on the same page. Our friendly and helpful people can be reached through email and telephone services, details of which are provided below.

Unlike other coach and minibus providers, we do not believe in reductive services and ensure that we only provide the best services catered to you. Our email and phone services are available at any time during working hours and are keen to ensure that you make the best decisions. We are always on hand to provide you with the best services.

London Coach Hire are welcome to new customers and are happy to provide you both with one off services, however if you are happy with our services, which we are sure you will be, existing customers can continue to expect the same high standards that we provide to all customers. As you are probably aware, there are many companies, particularly online companies, that provide coach and minibus hire services in and around the London area. You ask why choose us over these companies? Look no further:

  • We can guarantee the best value service for price that no one else can counter.

  • All of our coaches and minibuses are continuously maintained to a high standard and remain available for as long as they are serviceable.

  • All our vehicles are tailored to you and are usually available within a 24-hour notice period

  • However, we always ensure that we provide the right vehicle and the right service for all customers.

  • We have a large variety of different vehicles ranging from 6-seating minibuses to double decker coaches who can transport up to 64 people with luggage.

  • We guarantee you always receive the full and best service that you have paid for.

Please call us on our free phone line now for no-obligation quote if you looking for the best minibus or coach hire services available unique in the Greater London area.